Saturday, 7 December 2013

Derek Flint


Derek Flint: Say, why does that eagle attack me?
Galaxy worker: He's been trained to recognize and attack Americans.
Derek Flint: An anti-American eagle. It's diabolical.  

Our Man Flint (1966) Directed by Daniel Mann. 108mins

James Coburn - Derek Flint
Lee J. Cobb - Lloyd Cramden
Gila Golan - Gila
Edward Mulhare - Malcolm Rodney
Benson Fong - Dr. Schneider

Music by Jerry Goldsmith

Derek Flint, an ex-agent of Z.O.W.I.E. (Zonal Organization for World Intelligence and Espionage) is brought out of retirement to deal with 'Galaxy', a world-wide terrorist organization blackmailing the world by controlling the weather.

A hugely entertaining spy spoof with nods to the Bond movies, at one point Flint bumps into agent 0008 and asks him if SPECTRE are involved, "This is too big for SPECTRE." 0008 replies. Flint rejects a briefcase full of gadgets preferring to use his cigarette lighter which has 82 different functions - 83 if you want to light a cigar.

Our Man Flint was a hit, grossing $16m at the US box office.

Cramden: Flint, How do you find time to read all these books?
Flint: No, no, no, sir, I wrote those.   

In Like Flint (1967) Directed by Gordon Douglas. 114mins.

James Coburn - Derek Flint
Lee J. Cobb - Lloyd Cramden
Jean Hale - Lisa Norton / Nora Benson
Andrew Duggan - President Trent
Anna Lee - Elisabeth
Steve Ihnat - General Carter
Yvonne Craig - Natasha, the Ballerina

Music by Jerry Goldsmith.

This time Flint is up against The Fabulous Face organization, run entirely by a group of women led by Elisabeth (Anna Lee) and Lisa Norton (Jean Hale). They have conceived a plot to gain control of the world, first by kidnapping the US President and replacing him with a surgically altered actor, and by taking over the US space program.

In Like Flint grossed $11m at the US box office.

Derek Flint's next appearance was on the small screen, Ray Danton played Flint in the TV movie Dead on Target (1976), directed by Joseph L. Scanlan.


  1. James Coburn is one of my favorite is a shame that he was really not able to maintain leading man status very long....the Flint movies are the peak of his career as a leading man. Great photos in the page....the Flint movies are just plain fun to watch. I think a Coburn poster page is needed....think about all the great movies...Great Escape, Magnificent Seven, Monsters Inc, Affliction, Charade, Maverick and Payback jump into my mind right away.

  2. I will get round to doing a James Coburn poster page one of these days, I'm a big fan too. The Derek Flint films were great fun, they haven't been released on blu-ray here yet. Thanks again for posting.