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Philip Marlowe

Philip Marlowe was created by American novelist and screenwriter Raymond Chandler (1888-1959). Marlowe was a private detective based in Los Angeles. 

The first novel to feature Philip Marlowe was The Big Sleep (1939). The character appeared in 7 more books written by Chandler - Farewell My Lovely (1940), The High Window (1942), The Lady in the Lake (1943), The Little Sister (1949), The Simple Art of Murder (1950 a short story collection), The Long Goodbye (1953) and Playback (1958).

Chandler died before he could finish his 8th Marlowe novel - Poodle Springs - it was completed by crime writer Robert B. Parker and published in 1989.

Philip Marlowe: "'Okay Marlowe,' I said to myself. 'You're a tough guy. You've been sapped twice, choked, beaten silly with a gun, shot in the arm until you're crazy as a couple of waltzing mice. Now let's see you do something really tough - like putting your pants on.'"  

Murder, My Sweet (1944) Directed by Edward Dmytryk. 95mins.

(Also known as Farewell My Lovely - the title of the novel it was based on)

Dick Powell    -     Philip Marlowe
Claire Trevor    -     Helen Grayle aka Velma Valento
Anne Shirley    -     Ann Grayle
Otto Kruger    -     Jules Amthor
Mike Mazurki    -     Moose Malloy
Miles Mander    -     Mr. Grayle
Douglas Walton    -     Lindsay Marriott

The studio changed the title from Farewell My Lovely to Murder, My Sweet in case audiences thought it was another Dick Powell musical.

Tagline - Haunted by a lovely face... hunted for another's crime!

Philip Marlowe: She tried to sit in my lap while I was standing up. 

General Sternwood: How do you like your brandy, sir? 
Philip Marlowe: In a glass. 

Vivian: You've forgotten one thing - me. 
Philip Marlowe: What's wrong with you? 
Vivian: Nothing you can't fix.  

The Big Sleep (1946) Directed by Howard Hawks. 114mins.

Humphrey Bogart    -     Philip Marlowe
Lauren Bacall    -     Vivian Rutledge
John Ridgely    -     Eddie Mars
Martha Vickers    -     Carmen Sternwood
Dorothy Malone    -     Acme Book Shop Proprietress
Peggy Knudsen    -     Mona Mars
Regis Toomey    -     Chief Inspector Bernie Ohls
Charles Waldron    -     General Sternwood
Elisha Cook Jr.    -     Harry Jones

The second of four films starring Bogart and Bacall, the others were - To Have and Have Not (1944), Dark Passage (1947) and Key Largo (1948). They were married in 1945.

Selected for preservation by the National Film Registry in 1997.

Philip Marlowe was #32 on the American Film Institute's 50 Greatest Screen Heroes list.

Lady in the Lake (1947) Directed by Robert Montgomery.  105mins.

Robert Montgomery    -     Philip Marlowe
Audrey Totter    -     Adrienne Fromsett
Lloyd Nolan    -     Lt. DeGarmot
Tom Tully    -     Capt. Kane
Leon Ames    -     Derace Kingsby
Jayne Meadows    -     Mildred Havelend
Dick Simmons    -     Chris Lavery
Morris Ankrum    -     Eugene Grayson

The entire film is shot from Marlowe's point of view, his face is only seen when reflected in mirrors or windows.

The Brasher Doubloon (1947) Directed by John Brahm. 72mins.

George Montgomery    -     Philip Marlowe
Nancy Guild    -     Merle Davis
Conrad Janis    -     Leslie Murdock
Roy Roberts    -     Police Lt. Breeze
Fritz Kortner    -     Rudolph Vannier
Florence Bates    -     Mrs. Elizabeth Murdock
Marvin Miller    -     Vince Blair

Philip Marlowe is hired to recover a lost coin.

Tagline - RAREST -- and most dangerous of coins! ONE man murdered to keep it! ONE woman found love when she lost it! ONE man gambled his life to possess it!

Philip Marlowe (1959-1960) TV series created by Raymond Chandler.

Philip Carey     ... Philip Marlowe
William Schallert     ... Lt. Manny Harris

(1 season 26 episodes)

Winslow Wong: May I reach for my pocket?
Philip Marlowe: It would give me great pleasure to see you do something foolish.  

Marlowe (1969) Directed by Paul Bogart. 96mins.

James Garner    -     Philip Marlowe
Gayle Hunnicutt    -     Mavis Wald
Carroll O'Connor    -     Lt. Christy French
Rita Moreno    -     Dolores Gonz├íles
Sharon Farrell    -     Orfamay Quest
William Daniels    -     Mr. Crowell
Jackie Coogan    -     Grant W. Hicks
Kenneth Tobey    -     Sgt. Fred Beifus
Bruce Lee    -     Winslow Wong

An average thriller mostly notable for martial arts legend Bruce Lee's first appearance in a Hollywood movie.

The Long Goodbye (1973) Directed by Robert Altman. 112mins.

Elliott Gould    -     Philip Marlowe
Nina van Pallandt    -     Eileen Wade
Sterling Hayden    -     Roger Wade
Mark Rydell    -     Marty Augustine
Henry Gibson    -     Dr. Verringer
David Arkin    -     Harry
David Carradine    -     Dave aka Socrates (uncredited)
Arnold Schwarzenegger    -     Hood in Augustine's Office (uncredited)

Chandler's novel was updated from it;s 1940's setting to the 1970's.

The producer's first choice for the lead role was Robert Mitchum.

Philip Marlowe: [voiceover] She gave me a smile I could feel in my hip pocket. 

Farewell My Lovely (1975) Directed by Dick Richards. 95mins.

Robert Mitchum    ...     Philip Marlowe
Charlotte Rampling    ...     Helen Grayle
John Ireland    ...     Det. Lt. Nulty
Sylvia Miles    ...     Jessie Halstead Florian
Anthony Zerbe    ...     Laird Brunette
Harry Dean Stanton    ...     Det. Billy Rolfe
Jack O'Halloran    ...     Moose Malloy
Joe Spinell    ...     Nick
Sylvester Stallone    ...     Jonnie

A remake of Murder, My Sweet (1944) both films were based on Chandler's novel Farewell My Lovely (1940).

Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress (Sylvia Miles).

Philip Marlowe: His heart was a brief, uncertain murmur. His thoughts were as gray as ashes. And in a little while he too, like Rusty Regan, would be sleeping the big sleep.

The Big Sleep (1978) Directed by Michael Winner. 99mins.

Robert Mitchum    -     Philip Marlowe
Sarah Miles    -     Charlotte Sternwood
Richard Boone    -     Lash Canino
Candy Clark    -     Camilla Sternwood
Joan Collins    -     Agnes Lozelle
Edward Fox    -     Joe Brody
John Mills    -     Inspector Jim Carson
James Stewart    -     General Sternwood
Oliver Reed    -     Eddie Mars
Harry Andrews    -     Norris
Colin Blakely    -     Harry Jones
Richard Todd    -     Commander Barker
James Donald    -     Inspector Gregory
John Justin    -     Arthur Geiger

The previous Philip Marlowe movie starring Robert Mitchum was set in the 1940's, this one is set in the 70's and the setting moved from California to England.

Mitchum was 60 when he started filming, Marlowe was 33 in the novel.

Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles and John Mills were reunited after starring in Ryan's Daughter in 1970.

Philip Marlow, Private Eye (1983-1986) Directed by Peter Hunt.

Powers Boothe     ... Philip Marlowe
Kathryn Leigh Scott     ... Annie Riordan
Billy Kearns     ... Lt. Victor "Violets" Magee

(TV series - 2 Seasons - 11 Episodes)

Poodle Springs (1998) Directed by Bob Rafelson. 100mins.

James Caan    ...     Philip Marlowe
Dina Meyer    ...     Laura Parker-Marlowe
David Keith    ...     Larry Victor / Charles Nichols
Tom Bower    ...     Lt. Arnie Burns
Julia Campbell    ...     Miriam 'Muffy' Blackstone-Nichols
Brian Cox    ...     Clayton Blackstone
Nia Peeples    ...     Angel
Sam Vlahos    ...     Eddie Garcia
Joe Don Baker    ...     P.J. Parker

Made for TV movie. Set in Los Angeles 1963

Tagline - Sex. Murder. Marlowe. This town has everything.

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