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RoboCop (1987) Directed by Paul Verhoeven. 102mins (103mins)

Peter Weller     -     Officer Alex Murphy / RoboCop
Nancy Allen     -     Officer Anne Lewis
Dan O'Herlihy     -     The Old Man
Ronny Cox     -     Dick Jones
Kurtwood Smith     -     Clarence Boddicker
Miguel Ferrer     -     Bob Morton
Robert DoQui     -     Sergeant Reed
Felton Perry     -     Johnson
Ray Wise     -     Leon
Paul McCrane     -     Emil

Music by Basil Poledouris

Rutger Hauer and Michael Ironside were both considered for the role of RoboCop.

The original cut of the film was so violent it was re-edited and submitted to the MPAA 12 times before it was finally given an R rating.

Cost $13m - Box Office $53.4m (US)

The Old Man: Old Detroit has a cancer. That cancer is crime. 

Bob Morton: What are your Prime Directives? 
RoboCop: Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law. 

Bixby Snyder: I'd buy that for a dollar! 

RoboCop: Dead or alive, you're coming with me! 
Emil: I know you! You're dead! We killed you! We killed you!

RoboCop: Your move, creep.

RoboCop 2 (1990) Directed by Irvin Kershner. 117mins.

Peter Weller  - Alex Murphy/ RoboCop
Nancy Allen  - Officer Anne Lewis
Belinda Bauer  - Dr. Juliette Faxx
Dan O'Herlihy  - The Old Man
Felton Perry  - Johnson
Tom Noonan  - Cain
Roger Aaron Brown  - Whittaker
Willard E. Pugh  - Mayor Kuzak
Gabriel Damon  - Hob

Music by Leonard Rosenman.

After the success of the first film Paul Verhoeven was approached to direct the sequel but he turned it down and went on to direct Total Recall (1990) instead.

The Robo suit for this film was made of fiberglass and was much lighter and easier to move in.

Cost N/A - Box Office $45.6m (US)

Cain: You want me? 
RoboCop: Dead or alive. 
Cain: One of us must die.
RoboCop: Dead, then.

RoboCop 3 (1993) Directed by Fred Dekker. 104mins.

Robert John Burke – RoboCop / Alex Murphy
Nancy Allen – Anne Lewis
Remy Ryan – Nikko Halloran
Rip Torn – The CEO
John Castle – Commander Paul McDaggett
Jill Hennessy – Dr. Marie Lazarus
CCH Pounder – Bertha
Felton Perry – Johnson
Robert DoQui – Sgt. Warren Reed
Bradley Whitford – Jeffrey Fleck
Daniel von Bargen – Moreno
Stephen Root – Coontz
Bruce Locke – Otomo
Mako – Kanemitsu

Music by Basil Poledouris

Filmed in 1991, released in 1993, cause of delay was the production company, Orion, going bankrupt.

The first in the series to be rated PG-13.

Cost $22m - Box Office $10.6m (US)

The CEO: Well, I gotta hand it to ya... what do they call you? Murphy, is it? 
Robocop: My friends call me Murphy. You call me... Robocop.


RoboCop (2014) Directed by Jose Padilha. 118mins.

Joel Kinnaman     -     Alex Murphy / RoboCop
Gary Oldman     -     Dr. Dennett Norton
Michael Keaton     -     Raymond Sellars
Abbie Cornish     -     Clara Murphy
Jackie Earle Haley     -     Mattox
Michael K. Williams     -     Officer Jack Lewis
Jennifer Ehle     -     Liz Kline
Jay Baruchel     -     Pope
Marianne Jean-Baptiste     -     Karen Dean
Samuel L. Jackson     -     Pat Novak

Music by Pedro Bromfman

A reboot of the original 1987 movie.

Michael Fassbender was considered for the role of Robocop.

Cost $100m (est.)

Alex Murphy: What kind of suit is this? 
Dr. Dennett Norton: It's not a suit, it's you. 
Alex Murphy: What the hell did you do to me?

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